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August 6, 2006

The Beginning of… the Beginning

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Well, I’ve never tried this blog business before. So let’s see, where to begin… Well, I suppose that my intentions for this blog would be the best place. I intend to use this mostly for the sake of my own entertainment. If nobody ever reads it, I would have no problem with that. If you find it worth reading, well, that’s fine too. So here’s what you’re going to find here:

1) Opinions. Every once in awhile, I have one of those.

I may have the desire to post here to tell a funny story or something along those lines or it may just be some complaint, though I don’t tend to have a lot of those. Most of my opinions will likely be centered around Anime and Games, the two things that I tend to fill most of my time with. I used to write reviews for a now vacant site known as Anime Lessons which was run by The Shoe (who may or may not be mentioned in the future). In any case, some of those reviews might get put up here at some point. Only time will tell.

2) Project Updates. I’m working on several projects and intend to use this as a base of operations.

First is my favorite, an effort to fully translate the Playstation game Tales of Phantasia. This game quickly became one of my favorites when I played it. Being unable to find a complete translation, I took it upon myself to use my 2 semesters of college Japanese and translate the thing. I underestimated just how much work this was, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. So I may update that every once in awhile. I’ll probably post it here as well when it’s complete. And to make it fun, it’s sort of a race against the clock, or rather against Phantasian Productions… They’re working on a translation project that will be a full localization of Tales of Phantasia. I can’t compete with that kind of thing, so my translation is really just for my own enjoyment and a hold-over until Phantasian Productions releases their patch.

The other project is something that I want to get around to eventually. It’s an anime music video based on the show Fushigi Yuugi to the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. However, this is kind of on indefinate leave until I finish the translation.

Well, that’s about it for now. Check back from time to time, you might find something interesting.

Ah yes, and I almost forgot. The name of the site here is Zettai Zero, which you can see written in Kanji in the banner. The meaning is just as you see it above, Absolute Zero. What does it mean? Why did I pick it? I don’t know, it just seemed kind of cool at the time…


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