Absolute Zero

August 11, 2006


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Ok, nothing really big today.  It was my intention to put up another chapter of the ToP Translation.  But I didn’t.  Instead of editing it, I was fixing up some of the ASCII art in the previous two chapters, which as always, can be found on the ToP Translation page.  If you’ve downloaded the two chapters previously, I recommend that you get the new versions.  They are now in a standard format that I expect to use on all future chapters (but who knows, it might change on a whim).  For now, don’t worry about the codes in the ASCII bars (like ToP1.a or ToP3.e).  Those are CTRL+F search codes that won’t really be used until the full version.  I’m just putting them there now to make things easy on myself.  For now, I like the codes as they are.  They’re simple, but they work well in the full text.  But who knows, they may be changed before the final version.

Expect more to come this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get some work done on the translation and get at least one more chapter uploaded here.  By the way, I’ve updated the chapter breakdown.  I’ll post that on the Translation page ASAP.


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