Absolute Zero

August 20, 2006


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Okay, I’m not ignoring this blog, no worries.  It’s just that I’ve been very distracted moving back to college.  Everything is in place (I think), so I’m working on getting the next bit of the translation done.  Also, I’ve been working a lot on another Tales of Phantasia project, putting together a complete Beastiary.  So that’s taking a lot of time too.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to put up the Miguel section of the guide and an early version of the Beastiary soon, but no promises.  Also, I’m going to change all of the sections of the ToP translation again…  I’ve decided that in order for this to be of maximum function to me, I’m going to be leaving the translation more similar to the Japanese.  This means that honorifics (such as -san and -sensei) will be left in.  I plan on explaining what they mean in the full guide, and I suppose in the mean time, I could put a quick line on the Translation page.  Uh, yeah… that’s about it for now.  Oh yeah, and I beat Tales of Phantasia for a second time (the first time on the PSX version though).  Good times.


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