Absolute Zero

November 19, 2006


Filed under: Games — throughhim413 @ 10:47 am

I was hoping I could post some grand news about Nintendo’s Wii pretty soon.  I was bored last night, so I went and hopped in line around 7 PM.  14 hours later, I picked up the system with my brother and I couldn’t wait to play it.  But sadly, it wasn’t meant to happen.  I got one of the (what I hope) is rare busted launch systems.  The power supply is completely shot.  And so here I sit, no longer in the cold after those 14 long hours, but with nothing more to do then sit here and stare at my $250 paperweight and its $200 in games and accessories that are being put to no use.  Hopefully the next shipment of Wii will come quickly…  And hopefully this problem doesn’t end up being widespread.


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