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April 14, 2007

Translation Requests

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Alrighty people, now is the time. My translation is nearing completion, I expect that I will most likely be finished editing the translation within a week. However, before I say that for sure, I wanted to post and ask if there were any sidequests, events, or other bits of the game that you want to ensure are translated. I will do my best to include any scene or additional translation as possible, but you have to ask. So, with that said, allow me to list all of the sub-headings in my guide so you know what is currently there.

The Adventure Begins 3.01
The Village of Toltus 3.02
The City of Euclid 3.03
The Underground Crypt 3.04

Belladam Village 3.05
Euclid Village 3.06
The City of Hamel 3.07
Sylph, Spirit of Wind 3.08
The World Tree Yggdrasill 3.09
Venezzia, the Port City 3.10
Demeter, the Evil Sorcerer 3.11
The Kingdom of Alvanista 3.12
Undine, Spirit of Water 3.13
Gnome, Spirit of Earth 3.14
Efreet, Spirit of Fire 3.15
The Moria Mineshaft 3.16
Searching for Edward 3.17
Ymir, the Elven Forest 3.18
Midgard, the Frontlines 3.19
The Tower of the Zodiac 3.20
The Valhalla War 3.21
Showdown with Dhaos 3.22
Revive Yggdrasill! 3.23
Thor, the Ancient City 3.24
Return to the Present 3.25

To the Future! 3.26
The City of… Miguel? 3.27
The Kingdom of Euclid 3.28
Venezzia, 150 Years Later 3.29
Volt, Spirit of Thunder 3.30
Rhea-Birds, Take Flight! 3.31
The Kingdom of Alvanista 3.32
Getting Sidetracked 3.33
The Tower of Flame, Odin 3.34
The Cavern of Ice, Fenrir 3.35
Origin, Spirit of Creation 3.36
Ary, City of Darkness 3.37
To Save the World 3.38

Getting Sidetracked Specifics:
– Yggdrasill and the Eternal Sword
– Mint, Piano Teacher
– The Elven Bow – Part 3 ***PSP Version Only***
– The Picnic and Arche’s Special Recipe…
– The Picnic and Mint’s Kindness ***PSP Version Only***
– The Spirit of Light, Aska
– A Mother’s Struggle
– The Ninja Village and the Return of Suzu
– Suzu and the Rite of Succession
– Chester’s Determination, Part 3
– In Search of Aifried’s Treasure
– Euclid’s Famous Arena
– Memories of the Past ***PSP Version Only***
– The Heart of the Treant Forest
– The Elven Bow – Part 4 ***PSP Version Only***
– Moria Mineshaft Extension: The Dwarven Ruins
– Shadow and the Cave of Darkness
– Moria Mineshaft Extension: Act II
– Mahjong: The Ivory Sub-Event
– The God Odin and the Spear of the Gods

And that’s it. In terms of Sidequests during the future, I believe I have covered all of the major ones that have plot related things. If there’s anything you don’t see here that you would like to, please don’t hesitate to ask. I may have already translated the event but just not listed it here. Feel free to leave a comment either here or in the topic I made in the PSP version boards on GameFAQs.



  1. In the recent translation update on 3-14-07, not all the skits were translated in the first part of the game. Please don’t forget to translate it.

    Comment by Mario Kirby — April 15, 2007 @ 4:58 pm

  2. Please see the most recent post for my response to your request.

    Comment by throughhim413 — April 15, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

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