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August 26, 2007

What Can Happen In A Day

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Well, if you weren’t impressed with the last images (which you should have been!), here are some images showing the progress that has been made on Tales of Phantasia in the last day. I had hoped to make this post yesterday actually. Most of these pictures are from early yesterday, meaning things are even farther along then what is indicated in the pictures.


So here’s what we’re seeing here, if you can’t tell on your own. They go in order from oldest to newest.

  1. The oldest shot of the bunch. Cooking. The textual errors were only due to the fact that I hadn’t yet provided the translations for them.
  2. Tech screen, looking sexy.
  3. The Drum Set! Yeah! And yeah, I know. The Hi-hat has been renamed to it’s proper name. They’re old shots, like I said. But look how pretty it is!
  4. Ohhh! The Options screen! Some of these have been refined to make more sense. The centering issues have also been fixed.
  5. Battle centering! Hell yes! The enemy names? My fault, they haven’t been translated yet.
  6. The best one yet! This is the item screen in all of its glory. This picture is hot off the press. One refinement we’re looking into is replacing some of the sorting buttons that still contain Japanese with English ones.

Oh, and I got to play ToP partially in English yesterday with a quick patch. Are you jealous? Well, don’t be too jealous, it’s all stuff that I had translated after all. ^_^



  1. Perfect. Simply perfect. If that project proceeds with the current speed, which is astonishing at this point, the whole translation attempt shouldn’t take longer than 2 months!

    Comment by RyuMizuchi — August 26, 2007 @ 5:13 pm

  2. Other than the minor isntance of cavespeak on a few of these screens, it is looking really nice. It looks as good as you’d expect in a professional localisation, except for some those minor errors you pointed out that are just text that hasn’t been translated yet. In time that will be resolved, and you’ll have a really nice looking translation.

    I like how you’ve gone with romanisations for the attack names. They are no harder to remember than English names, and that much more accurate. Attack names rarely have a direct English equivalent that doesn’t sound clumsy.

    Comment by Soluzar — August 28, 2007 @ 1:51 am

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