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August 28, 2007

A Day of Madness

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I bet after all the text I overloaded everyone with, you’ll all be thrilled to see some more pictures. I don’t need to say anything about the last day, do I? God, I hope not. It’s been eventful. But things are all good now. I think. The fun part is, I can now say safely that my partner in this project, and the one that you have to thank for all the great hacks and beautiful screenshots is none other than Gemini. He and I worked together recently on the Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight (Symphony of the Night) retranslation. He had really done all the work, I just did the English translation. His Italian version and all the information on the project can be found in this thread. The English patch is still forthcoming.

Working with him is fantastic, and I hope that everyone will continue to check back here for coming updates on our Tales of Phantasia PSX project. This is Day 5 of the project. And thanks to Gemini’s hacks being nothing short of miracles, we’ve had a lot of good feedback from the start. Translation is in progress, but that’s kind of hard to show off. Just look forward to it!


  1. Our realigned and beautified main menu. Looks pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Well I love it.
  2. Our realigned and beautified status screen. Yeah, I said it twice. Just look at it!
  3. And finally, a realigned version of the Monster Encyclopedia.  Changes to the elemental icons are still in the works.  Color is helpful, but we plan on having something a little more recognizable.  Obviously English speakers can’t read the kanji inside.

By the way, did anyone notice the subtle changes to our 8×8 font? I love the change.

On my end of things, I want to clear up the issues surrounding item and tech names.  I’d like it noted that my intention never was, nor is it now to have an argument with a single person.  My hope in my previous post and my hope here is to clarify why you should care about my translation at all.  In the end, that’s what is really important to me personally.  The reason I am doing this project is because I want to do some things differently then other people.  Setting apart a Phantasia project is like trying to crawl out from under the shadow of a giant.  I hope that image helps to explain why I spent so much time talking about seemingly trivial details.

Item names will be translated directly rather than conforming to Namco’s established translations.  Gumi won’t be Gel.  Spectacles won’t be Magic Lens.  Any item names (about 10 items total) or attack names (Cless, Chester, and Suzu’s abilities) that are left in their romanized forms instead of being completely translated will be explained in the description.  I can’t seem to make that point stick.  I don’t intend to leave things untranslated.  When I say that I am not conforming to a single localization standard, it does not mean that this game will not be localized.  I don’t want you to sit next to your computer having to look up everything with Wikipedia.  But I also don’t think that means I should have to remove Japanese references.  I believe that as long as the name of an item is fully explained or that the use of an ability is clear from the description, I have done my part.

Obviously this is a personal project, so I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself, but at least on matters of opinion, I hope that no one minds hearing my side of the story.  If someone walks away from this project because it doesn’t suit their tastes, I at least hope that they will have made an informed decision.  I don’t have the luxury of having a high profile project or any vast amount of exposure.  I’m a translator, all I can do is talk.  Wasted words?  Maybe.  It’s just that if there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s being misunderstood, whether in my actions or in my intentions.

And with that, peace swept across the land. The people rejoiced and all were able to find joy in one way or another.

Well, there you have it. Look forward to more updates coming soon! Perhaps you’d prefer for updates on the project in RSS Feed format?



  1. You aren’t going to win everyone over to your point of view. There are people in this world who do some deeply depressing things with game localisations, going to both the extremes of excessively literal and excessively loose in translation. Both localisation methods have won supporters over the years, and it’s become as much a borderline religious issue as dub vs. sub for anime.

    Your only hope is to maintain dignity as you have done, and release a product which can be judged on its own merits. Not everyone will like what you’ve done, and that’s something you cannot change.

    What I do find shocking is that some people seem to feel that it’s inherently wrong for you to express your opinions. We both know who I’m talking about. Fortunately they are not people who hold a lot of power or influence.

    Comment by Soluzar — August 29, 2007 @ 6:24 am

  2. I don’t mean to rob anyone of their right to an opinion either. Thankfully, the decisions in the project fall to Gemini and I. In reality, the discussions I have on forums are simply for my own amusement. I happen to like debating semantics from time to time. I think really digging into the details of something is fun and I actually enjoy hearing what others have to say, even if I disagree. What I don’t like though, is when those opinions do more then just disagree. I understand that not everyone agrees on certain things, that’s why this project exists at all. I just don’t want people to get the impression that I’m half-assing the project because of a few semantic decisions, which in reality, are decisions based on the context within the game itself. I can’t convince people to agree with me, and that’s not my goal. Rather, I just want to give others an understanding of where I am coming from. This translation is important to me, anyone who knows me has heard a constant stream ToP related thoughts for almost a year and a half now. But I truly believe that there are a fair number of people out there who will greatly enjoy what is being created here. So my desire is just to make as many of those people as possible aware of this project and its potential.

    Comment by throughhim413 — August 29, 2007 @ 9:45 am

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