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September 17, 2007

Meaningless Tales Purchases

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Japan is great. Especially if you like buying things you don’t need while telling yourself it really isn’t that much money. This is much easier when you still spend yen like Monopoly money. Today I bought myself 3 nice presents.

The Tales of Encyclopedia (Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Fandom Vol.1, Narikiri Dungeon 1) – Has every ounce of information I think you could want about these games. Of course, it’s outdated now, but still, I read some of it, and it’s pretty cool. I’ll uh, pretend like it’s a translating resource or something instead of just a fanboy purchase. Either way.

Tales of Phantasia ~Full Voice Edition~ Famitsu Guidebook – I knew I missed some Titles in the PSP version. Damn you Suzu! No, really, I bought it to check and see if I missed anything new that’s been added (I already own the PSX Guidebook). Yeah, two titles. Yes, exactly.

Tales of Phantasia Art Graphy – Graphy isn’t a word, but the pictures are pretty and if I ever get around to reading it, it looks like there are some interesting interviews and segments of story summary in there. Pretty pictures though. Seriously.

When I find a good CD shop, I’m probably going to drop like 20,000 yen in an hour. Between Tales of Phantasia drama CDs and Akazukin Chacha CDs, I could definitely be in trouble. Luckily, all CD stores I’ve seen so far really don’t sell obscure stuff, so I’ve been okay so far.


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  1. Nice swag. I’m seriously envious of you for the chance to go shopping in Japan. I don’t need to tell you how much extra junk for my favourite franchises I’d come back with if it were me out there. I’ve just got back from my own most recent vacation, but fortunately for my bank balance, the Czech Republic doesn’t quite offer the same kind of purchasing opportunities.

    Are you able to get on AIM while in Japan? If so, I’ll speak to you sometime soon.

    Comment by Soluzar — September 17, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

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