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November 1, 2007

Flash Update

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Just a quick update.  I just finished making some extensive updates to a whole lot of things in the game.   Here’s a description of the important ones:

Mint’s abilities are now referred to as ‘Methodism’ and she is referred to as a ‘Methodist’.   No, not as in the Christian sect, after doing some research trying to nail down exactly what was intended with Mint’s houjutsu, I came across this:  Methodism – Wikipedia  I got there in a very roundabout way, since thinking about it afterwards, Cyllya had mentioned the phrase several times in the past.  In any case, my own searches on the interwebs led me to the same conclusion, so I’m very pleased with this translation. It certainly does more justice to the concept than my previous method of referring to Methodism and Methodists was able to do.

The term ‘Magic’ has been tightened down a bit.  This is also related to Arche’s type of magic which I often refer to in the game as Sorcery.  I still use magic at times, particularly when the term is used to refer to both mana-driven Elven Sorcery and Klarth’s Spirit-focused Summoning.  In any case, Mint’s abilities should no longer be referred to as magic.  That was the goal in tightening the term down.  Methodism doesn’t rely on the power of mana, but rather draws energy from natural sources (which means the earth and the wind according to my Tales Encyclopedia).

Did I ever mention that we’re using Moria Mine and not Morlia Mine?  That’s important I guess.

The boat scene is done.  As per the Japanese, we have strongly implied sexual dreams and alcohol.  But you know what?  Nobody is fucking like a tiger.  Because that shit is made up.  You understand?  Yeah, okay.  No, but seriously, I don’t know why people care about this scene so much.  It’s not all that interesting unless you just make things up…

And of course, more generic edits to this and that.  It’s going to keep happening up until the end. Well, buckle in and hold on tight.  The translation is moving along strong and fast again.  Oh yeah, and last time I made a post, I probably over estimated my progress a bit.  I believe that right now I’m at about 46%.  So there you have it.  The good times keep on rolling. ^_^



  1. lol the boat scene 🙂
    I always felt that Dejap got carried away on that scene.
    But, Mint doesn’t say that she can use a KIND OF magic when she talks to the elder of the village in the beginning of the game (in the past) ? (=> She thinks that she use magic ? Or it was a mistranslation ?)

    Comment by Vashe — November 2, 2007 @ 2:43 am

  2. The village elder (Lenios) believes that Cless and Mint must be mistaking the Methodism that Present Morrison used for some kind of Sorcery. They correct him, saying Sorcery is a lost power. So no, she doesn’t say that she can use magic, she always refers to her power as Methodism (Houjutsu), or when she’s explaining it to him, she calls it “the power to restore”. Does that clear things up?

    Comment by throughhim413 — November 2, 2007 @ 3:22 am

  3. oooh, thanks 😀

    Comment by Vashe — November 2, 2007 @ 10:57 am

  4. “Tigers need love too” is a kind of meme among the ToP fans, so it’s not surprising that people care so much about that scene 🙂

    Comment by EaterBrain — November 5, 2007 @ 6:11 pm

  5. That is definately a truth. A large chunk of american ToP fans only had the DeJap version to play back in the day, messing with that is kind of like messing with natural order of things. Lord knows this will be leagues better then that abysmal script revision for Symphony of the Night. Man=Miserable pile of Secrets, way better then, Man=Cesspool of Lies.

    Comment by Quik — November 6, 2007 @ 3:07 pm

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