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July 6, 2008

Chrono Trigger DS Trailer Translation

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I threw up a translation of the Chrono Trigger DS trailer over at Kotaku, so I figured I might as well post it here as well.

Trailer is available on Kotaku or it can be seen at GameVideos or the Official Chrono Trigger DS Website.

13 years have passed…
“Time” now starts to move once again.

From the forgotten past…
To the distant future…
To the farthest reaches of time…

The curtain will soon rise on
a grand adventure to span the ages
and save the world.

Am I excited about Chrono Trigger coming to the DS? Absolutely.



  1. CT is a great game \o/

    But, Tales of Series > CT


    Comment by Zappa — July 8, 2008 @ 7:37 am

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty late here, but Chrono Trigger is one of my all time favourites.

    Comment by Beavis — November 5, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

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