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January 24, 2009

Farewell, zettaizero.wordpress.com

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Even though this post won’t exist in a few days, I still feel the need to make it. From the beginning of my Tales of Phantasia text translation through the release of ToP PSX’s patch and on to the current Innocence and Destiny projects, this blog has been the home of Absolute Zero. Don’t worry, the group isn’t going anywhere, we’re just moving to our new home. It’s a move that I’ve wanted to make for some time and now just seems like the right time to do it. Believe me when I say that no one will miss this blog when they see the new site. With any luck, the change will be seamless. (It seems for a few bucks, there’s a way to get WordPress to redirect the traffic.) So basically, this blog will cease to exist in a few days’ time. So if you have any last words while we’re still on this blog, this is the last call.


October 14, 2008

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Released!

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As I’m sure many of you know, Gemini has been hard at work on Persona 2: Innocent Sin. His patch has just gone live, so if you’re a fan of the Persona series or just a fan of Gemini’s amazing hacking, don’t miss it!

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Released!

If nothing else, at least enjoy Gemini’s cruel sense of humor with the post title and first paragraph.

August 19, 2008

Cooking (with Bonus Tales Fandom!)

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So, apparently Tales of Vesperia has caused Japanese consumers to buy up EVERY AVAILABLE X-BOX 360 in Japan. Who saw that day coming? Clearly not Microsoft Japan… Gotta love the Tales series love. I’ve already preordered my copy of Tales of Vesperia (the Limited Edition!) for its impending US release. Now I just need to figure out when a good time to buy a 360 is… Anybody else picking that up?

In Tales of Innocence news, menu translation presses ever onward. The cooking menu is now complete, although is no doubt in need of some serious editing and revision. (more…)

July 14, 2008

Tales of Innocence Translation Announcement!

That’s right, a project to translate 2007’s Nintendo DS title Tales of Innocence is officially under way! The project is a collaboration between myself and KC (whom I met on the Romhacking.net forums). You may know him from his work on some of the portable titles in the Super Robot Wars series (and if you don’t, it’s never too late to get acquainted). I was first contacted by KC on July 8th, this project officially began on July 9th, 2008.

Tales fans have been patiently waiting and hoping for an official announcement for ToI, but sadly, it looks like that day may never come. We believe that Tales of Innocence had all the makings to be a big success outside of Japan. However, with the development of newer games (including the upcoming Tales of Hearts for the DS) and the localization staff already working on Tales of Symphonia’s spinoff sequel and Tales of Vesperia, we believe it is unlikely that Tales of Innocence will ever see the light of day.

Tales of Innocence has many of the features that Tales fans both old and new have come to enjoy:

  • A 3D battle system that follows in Abyss’ footsteps (Free Running!)
  • Voiced Dialogue
  • Voiced Skits
  • Not Sucking (Never Before Available on the DS!)

So how are we going about this? Unlike my translation of Tales of Phantasia, I have decided to give in a little and use the official localized names for many of the series features. Namco has made efforts with recent games to create a standard and recognizable set of terms for their series, which I will respect. This means that I will be using Artes, Magic Lens, and many of the enemy names will be taken from Tales of the Abyss and Radiant Mythology.

However, I’m still sticking to some of my guns. Gummi shall remain Gummi. Shūsōraizan, the technique often translated as “Lightning Tiger Blade” will be the same as it was in Phantasia, “Thunder Claw”. “Grave”, the earth spell that strikes the enemy with spears of rock, will still be translated correctly as “Glaive”. This method allows me to give credit where it is due, gives fans the familiar Arte names that have been in use since Symphonia, and still gives me the freedom to add my personal touch to the Tales series.

Our translation is being tested on both emulators (primarily no$gba) and on real hardware using flash carts. Menu translation is currently at about 50%. Battle specific text is 100% complete. Skit and Event translation has not yet started, but I don’t think it will be all that long before we get started on it. KC has made things really easy on me and I look forward to continuing to work with him going forward.

We’re proud to be bringing you some of the freshest and best that the Tales series has to offer. I hope you continue to check back here, as my blog will once again be the home of the project. Any updates I post elsewhere will almost always be posted here first. Screenshots will also be available as part of the ongoing updates, though we will likely save most of the menu shots for the long lull that must occur while I translate the main script. With no further ado, allow me to present to you just a taste of what we have produced in less than one week:

Please leave us some comments and help us spread the word!

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May 26, 2008

Quick Update

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The editor for ToP has been selected.  Our v1.1 release should truly be something to look forward to.  Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been quite busy.  I’m packing and getting ready to return to the US from Japan pretty soon.

Also, if anyone is interested, I’m now on The Facebook.  Not sure what that has to do with anything, but if that’s your thing, do what you will with that knowledge.

April 10, 2008

Tales of Phantasia PSX v1.1 – Seeking Dedicated Editor

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We are no longer seeking applicants for the editor position, thank you!

Original Posting

Many here are probably already familiar with the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation that Gemini and I released last Christmas. It’s been several months since then, but we’ve been working hard ironing out some of the problems that remained in the 1.0 release. We were focused particularly on typos and various small issues, most of which are now under control. However, in order to assure the absolute highest quality for our v1.1 release, we are now seeking a dedicated editor to help us polish the script.

We’re looking for an English major or at the very least, someone with sufficient qualifications and/or experience in editing scripts. The one stipulation is that this person should be accustomed to working with American English. While we have nothing against British English or anything else, our script is written in American English and we would like the spelling and grammar to continue to conform to American standards. Familiarity with Tales of Phantasia is of course a plus, but should not necessarily be required.

Our hope at this point is that the job should mostly be double-checking. In order to avoid introducing more typos, we hope to avoid major edits (beyond those already performed). Of course, if there are any lines that seem truly out of place, we are open to suggestion. We want someone reliable and who can keep in good contact, too often projects have members vanish these days.

If you are interested, please send me a PM on RHDN, e-mail me at AbsoluteZeroTranslations at gmail.com, or contact me through my blog. Should multiple people express interest, we’ll use qualifications and experience to decide. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some of you soon. ^_^

April 1, 2008

April Fools: Tales of Rebirth Project!

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This was an April Fools joke. Please see the following not-a-Rickroll post for details.

throughhim413 killed in Rickroll Riots

Tales of Rebirth, a title that has long excited import Tales fans has recently made its debut on the PSP in Japan (along with practically every other Tales more than a few years old).

The PSP game itself has been around for only a few weeks, but as you can see, we’re already progressing. Gemini and I have both been busy and we hope the results will speak for themselves.



These two shots were chosen because we feel they really sum up all of Tales of Rebirth in two simple words. In fact, it could be said that after seeing these, you don’t even NEED to play the majority of the game. We’ll keep you up to date as much as we can, but for now, I’m afraid this is all we have to show.

EDIT: I almost forgot the most important part! (Well, I did forget it…) We have a short clip showing off some of the progress we’ve made with the menus and such on YouTube. Link

February 29, 2008

The Birth of Smarmy Matt

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I’ve decided this blog lacks life, probably because I never give it any. This will also give me some kind of lasting record of things, though I’m likely never to read it again. For the time being, I’m in Japan. As always, I’m half jaded and half amused. Meaning I can make fun of things without actually feeling anything is horribly wrong with life. When I first got to Japan, I was going to make a separate blog. That never happened, but I do have a few things I wrote just after getting here. I thought that a fun way to do this would be to criticize my own opinions, perhaps helping those who haven’t been to Japan and want to go or just amuse those who want to be amused. Therefore, anything in red is something written in the past. Expect ridiculous things. I don’t expect to edit any of this before posting it, so these are things I ACTUALLY THOUGHT at one point. Don’t be afraid. All of these humor posts about everyday life will carry the new tag: Smarmy Matt. This is the name of my Mii on my Wii. Perhaps that story will come someday. For now, let us proceed.

For some reason, the Japanese discovered the washing machine and the dish washer, but they skipped right over the dryer components that we all know and love.

This is totally true. It’s not the actual fact that baffles me, it’s the justification for it. “We don’t need to have a dryer for our clothes, we have the sun!” Now, I’ve got nothing against environmentalists and what not, but that has nothing to do with this. The people that have said this to me (and there have been several) have this tone that almost seems to indicate the sun is one of Japan’s exclusive blessings. It was one of those moments where there were too many things that I wanted to say at once and so none of them came out.  I just didn’t have the heart to tell them that the sun is capable of drying clothes anywhere.  Rainy days are the BEST time to do your laundry in the States.   But here, with even the possible threat of rain, you have to put it off.  Also, you really have to plan ahead since even outside, some of my thicker clothes take hours to dry.

For a country with so many weird and often meaningless gadgets, you’d think that something like the dryer would be a great move.  It’s one of those things I took for granted back home, but no longer.  I’m all about saving time.  Though, I suppose with so many housewives, there’s honestly no need to do the laundry quickly.  This was supposed to be more interesting, but now I’m talking about washing my clothes…  Has this idea already gone awry?  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.  I will most likely be making at least one post a day under this heading.  Unless I get lazy (and I do).

February 24, 2008

Project Updates

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Working on Tales of Phantasia version 1.1. If you have corrections or suggestions to make, please post them in the following forum. Gemini’s Forum – ToP Bug Reporting

Completed translating Demon’s Blazon. Release is forthcoming once the rest of the bugs are worked out. RHDN Demon’s Blazon Project Thread

Editing on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is nearly complete. Once that’s done, I have to retime the script to the voices and then it’ll be ready. RHDN Database Entry for Italian SotN

Today my copy of Tales of Destiny PS2: Director’s Cut got a scratch on it. An unreadable scratch. So tomorrow I get to go out and buy another copy of the director’s cut, making this the 3rd time I’ve bought ToDr. If the game wasn’t so awesome, I would be really, really angry. Instead I’m just sort of angry. I want to be angry, but I can’t seem to get there. I need to quit breaking games, it makes life too expensive.

I’m getting sick. Midterms are coming up. I have about 3 months left in Japan. The larger of my two laptops is legally dead. I’m tired of small fights with my host family in Japanese. Arguing in another language is not fun. That’s life for the time being.

January 7, 2008

Correcting My Mistakes

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First of all, thanks to everyone who has downloaded the patch, I hope you’ve all enjoyed it.  We’ve got a lot of positive feedback, but obviously our release was not without its flaws.  Regardless, we want to work towards making the experience better for everyone.  Although we’ve already made this request, I would like to once again put out the call to anyone playing the patch who spots errors, inconsistencies, or other flaws that are worth mentioning.  Our central location for bug reporting is still the following thread on Gemini’s forum:


If you really don’t want to register there, you can of course post comments here.  However, I ask that you use this post ONLY for bug reports.  I haven’t decided how to deal with this yet, but I very well might be deleting comments as they are corrected or if they are off-topic.  This post is intended for script/hack corrections, so we’re not really looking to hear overall feedback or reactions here, there are other places for that.  So feel free to comment here, but please, be as specific as possible (and screenshots are always a huge help).

If neither of those contact methods appeal to you, my contact information (AIM and e-mail) can be found on the About Page.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, you’ve all made this release a lot of fun.

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