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November 16, 2008

*Dusts Off Blog*

Why hello there! Not a whole lot to this update, I’m afraid. There will be the obligatory “not dead” info for Tales of Innocence and some bad news on the Tales of Phantasia v.1.1 front.



April 10, 2008

Tales of Phantasia PSX v1.1 – Seeking Dedicated Editor

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We are no longer seeking applicants for the editor position, thank you!

Original Posting

Many here are probably already familiar with the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation that Gemini and I released last Christmas. It’s been several months since then, but we’ve been working hard ironing out some of the problems that remained in the 1.0 release. We were focused particularly on typos and various small issues, most of which are now under control. However, in order to assure the absolute highest quality for our v1.1 release, we are now seeking a dedicated editor to help us polish the script.

We’re looking for an English major or at the very least, someone with sufficient qualifications and/or experience in editing scripts. The one stipulation is that this person should be accustomed to working with American English. While we have nothing against British English or anything else, our script is written in American English and we would like the spelling and grammar to continue to conform to American standards. Familiarity with Tales of Phantasia is of course a plus, but should not necessarily be required.

Our hope at this point is that the job should mostly be double-checking. In order to avoid introducing more typos, we hope to avoid major edits (beyond those already performed). Of course, if there are any lines that seem truly out of place, we are open to suggestion. We want someone reliable and who can keep in good contact, too often projects have members vanish these days.

If you are interested, please send me a PM on RHDN, e-mail me at AbsoluteZeroTranslations at gmail.com, or contact me through my blog. Should multiple people express interest, we’ll use qualifications and experience to decide. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some of you soon. ^_^

February 24, 2008

Project Updates

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Working on Tales of Phantasia version 1.1. If you have corrections or suggestions to make, please post them in the following forum. Gemini’s Forum – ToP Bug Reporting

Completed translating Demon’s Blazon. Release is forthcoming once the rest of the bugs are worked out. RHDN Demon’s Blazon Project Thread

Editing on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is nearly complete. Once that’s done, I have to retime the script to the voices and then it’ll be ready. RHDN Database Entry for Italian SotN

Today my copy of Tales of Destiny PS2: Director’s Cut got a scratch on it. An unreadable scratch. So tomorrow I get to go out and buy another copy of the director’s cut, making this the 3rd time I’ve bought ToDr. If the game wasn’t so awesome, I would be really, really angry. Instead I’m just sort of angry. I want to be angry, but I can’t seem to get there. I need to quit breaking games, it makes life too expensive.

I’m getting sick. Midterms are coming up. I have about 3 months left in Japan. The larger of my two laptops is legally dead. I’m tired of small fights with my host family in Japanese. Arguing in another language is not fun. That’s life for the time being.

January 7, 2008

Correcting My Mistakes

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First of all, thanks to everyone who has downloaded the patch, I hope you’ve all enjoyed it.  We’ve got a lot of positive feedback, but obviously our release was not without its flaws.  Regardless, we want to work towards making the experience better for everyone.  Although we’ve already made this request, I would like to once again put out the call to anyone playing the patch who spots errors, inconsistencies, or other flaws that are worth mentioning.  Our central location for bug reporting is still the following thread on Gemini’s forum:


If you really don’t want to register there, you can of course post comments here.  However, I ask that you use this post ONLY for bug reports.  I haven’t decided how to deal with this yet, but I very well might be deleting comments as they are corrected or if they are off-topic.  This post is intended for script/hack corrections, so we’re not really looking to hear overall feedback or reactions here, there are other places for that.  So feel free to comment here, but please, be as specific as possible (and screenshots are always a huge help).

If neither of those contact methods appeal to you, my contact information (AIM and e-mail) can be found on the About Page.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, you’ve all made this release a lot of fun.

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from Absolute Zero!

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We proudly present v1.0 of the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation patch!


All you need to supply is your .bin or .img rip of Tales of Phantasia and the attached custom patcher will take care of the rest. Since it would seem this cannot be overstated, the patched game is fully compatible with real hardware. Please be sure to check the readme, which, among a complete patching procedure and other useful notes, also contains important information regarding emulator and PSP-emulation specific glitches (these are emulator glitches, not patch bugs).

The patch features:
– A complete translation;
– Additional subtitles for skits and the spoken prologue;

Please consult the readme before asking specific questions about patching or related topics.

We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy Tales of Phantasia PSX!


December 19, 2007

Impending Release!

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Well, I think the image about says it all.  But in case it doesn’t, we are proud to announce that on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2007, we will be releasing our 1.0 patch for Tales of Phantasia PSX.  Get those emulators started, dust off your official systems, get your game out of the closet, because before long, you’ll be enjoying the remake of the first title in the Tales series, Tales of Phantasia.  I don’t know what else to say, but having this project nearing completion is a matter of great pride for me.  I hope that you all will enjoy this game as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it. ^_^

December 14, 2007

Beta Clarification

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There were a few questions I just wanted to give clear answers to.

Can I help beta test?

We’re glad you’re willing to help, but no. Our beta is already well under way and the testers have been selected for a long time. Please don’t ask us if you can beta test.

Are we going to use the PSP sprites?

The short answer is no, we’re not. They are not part of the patch. IF the PSP sprites are released as any part of a patch, it will be seperate and unrelated to the translation patch. Please keep that in mind.

What platforms will the patcher work on?

The patcher is Windows-based. However, it will also work Linux via Wine.

Will the game work on my PSX/PS2/PSP?

Yes. The game has been tested on all platforms and preforms perfectly. Anything that can play a PSX game should be able to handle our patch.

Are you going to release the patch soon?

Well we aren’t not going to release it soon. Or aren’t we? Think about that.

December 9, 2007

Beta Testing Begins

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As of today, December 10th, beta testing on Tales of Phantasia PSX has officially begun. It’s been a while since our last update, so let me bring you up to speed on the newest stuff.

  • Script Translation and Editing – 100%
  • Skit Translation and Editing – 100%
  • New Features!
    • Selectable ability names (English vs. Romanized Japanese)
    • Splash screen and anti-eBay/P2P screen
    • Complete Patcher (made by Gemini specifically for this project)
      • Patches the game in 2-5 minutes depending on your system

So, there you have it. Most of this stuff has been done for several weeks. But there were internal alphas and some fixes to do, so nothing much that we could update people on. Why am I only posting two pictures? The truth is that I have TONS of them. But frankly, why would I want to tempt you with the game? I mean, before long, I’m just going to give it to you. ^_^

The two pictures here demonstrate the Ability Name Selector in action.


So let me just say, if you don’t yet own a copy of Tales of Phantasia PSX, now is a great time to look into buying one.

November 1, 2007

Flash Update

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Just a quick update.  I just finished making some extensive updates to a whole lot of things in the game.   Here’s a description of the important ones:

Mint’s abilities are now referred to as ‘Methodism’ and she is referred to as a ‘Methodist’.   No, not as in the Christian sect, after doing some research trying to nail down exactly what was intended with Mint’s houjutsu, I came across this:  Methodism – Wikipedia  I got there in a very roundabout way, since thinking about it afterwards, Cyllya had mentioned the phrase several times in the past.  In any case, my own searches on the interwebs led me to the same conclusion, so I’m very pleased with this translation. It certainly does more justice to the concept than my previous method of referring to Methodism and Methodists was able to do.

The term ‘Magic’ has been tightened down a bit.  This is also related to Arche’s type of magic which I often refer to in the game as Sorcery.  I still use magic at times, particularly when the term is used to refer to both mana-driven Elven Sorcery and Klarth’s Spirit-focused Summoning.  In any case, Mint’s abilities should no longer be referred to as magic.  That was the goal in tightening the term down.  Methodism doesn’t rely on the power of mana, but rather draws energy from natural sources (which means the earth and the wind according to my Tales Encyclopedia).

Did I ever mention that we’re using Moria Mine and not Morlia Mine?  That’s important I guess.

The boat scene is done.  As per the Japanese, we have strongly implied sexual dreams and alcohol.  But you know what?  Nobody is fucking like a tiger.  Because that shit is made up.  You understand?  Yeah, okay.  No, but seriously, I don’t know why people care about this scene so much.  It’s not all that interesting unless you just make things up…

And of course, more generic edits to this and that.  It’s going to keep happening up until the end. Well, buckle in and hold on tight.  The translation is moving along strong and fast again.  Oh yeah, and last time I made a post, I probably over estimated my progress a bit.  I believe that right now I’m at about 46%.  So there you have it.  The good times keep on rolling. ^_^

October 27, 2007

Some PSX Shots on the PSP

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently, both Gemini and I have been rather busy. I took a few shots of how the game is looking on my PSP. Please note that this IS NOT the PSP version, this is the PSX version being played on the PSP. The version of the patch I’m using is a bit old, so some of these things might have been changed, but that’s okay.  Also, I have the PSP set to stretch the image to the width of the screen, so that’s the reason for the difference there.


At last estimation, I believe my script progress was at about 45% complete. Hopefully I can keep up this pace, though it’s still hard to set an end date. Overall, I’d say it’s taking me a little longer than I initially expected. Even working with my old translation, there are so many things that need to be fixed that it still takes me a while. Also, I think I underestimated how much time would be consumed by the general study abroad experience. Oh well. Hope you enjoy these images at least. ^_^

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